Techno-Ware, Inc.

US Distributor for English Discoveries

Techno-Ware, Inc. is proud to be the US distributor for English Discoveries, English Discoveries Premium, English Discoveries Platinum, and Career Discoveries. English Discoveries is a comprehensive and pedagogical approach to English language learning, delivered via 21st Century online technology. Over the years, English Discoveries has been used by more than five million students, in over thirty countries. ED features striking multimedia content accessible across digital platforms, native language support in twenty-five languages, an online digital library, and so much more – all without specialized listening equipment.

Techno-Ware will help you with planning the addition of English Discoveries to your curriculum offerings. Together, we will look at the structure and number of your classes, along with your student enrollment to help determine the right number of concurrent licenses for your program needs. This makes sure you receive the best possible value for your budget dollar and that you can provide all of your students to access to English Discoveries, not just a select group.

We will be there for the implementation phase, too. We will help you to design a plan that will work for your program, providing guidance based on what has been effective for numerous schools and agencies of all sizes around the country. It is our goal to make sure your implementation gets your agency’s use of English Discoveries off to the best possible start.

We also know that training is the key to the successful integration of newly adopted curriculum. Techno-Ware offers several training and support package options to make sure you experience real success and improved student performance with the addition of English Discoveries.