Career Discoveries

English Language Learning Through Career Exploration and Planning


  • Developed using the nation’s primary source of occupational information, the US Department of Labor and Employment Training’s Occupational Information Network.

  • Immerses your students deep into real world information about real world jobs as they research and apply linked O*NET information and data to complete targeted practice exercises that improve English language skills.

  • Delivers practice activities that support the program structure of Adult ESL and emphasize skills that help learners succeed in both academic and CTE programs, such as reading to learn, conceptual and critical thinking, and accurate use of the English language.

  • Reinforces Adult ESL Grammar Anchors plus College and Career Readiness Anchors for Reading such as key ideas and details, and integration of knowledge and ideas in the context of career based informational text.

  • Teaches the Adult ESL competency of Employment and helps students to prepare for assessment questions based on the CASAS Life and Work Competency 4.0, Employment.

  • Provides fully online program content—available for your students anytime of day, anyplace with a connection. Lessons seamlessly compliment those available in English Discoveries for even more learning opportunities for your students.

  • Concurrent license structure provides best value for your budget dollar.