Automated Writing Evaluation

A New and Innovative Writing Evaluation Technology for Today's ELL Market!

Automated Writing Evaluation utilizes ETS’s industry-leading research and patent-protected e-rater® engine to provide objective, rubric based feedback for you and your students.

Automated Writing Evaluation is a standard feature in all writing practice activities in English Discoveries, from basic to advanced levels.

Students write directly into the English Discoveries lesson, then submit their writing activity for the Automated Writing Evaluation engine to analyze.

Instant feedback is  provided on usage, organization, style and grammar. Students can then revise their work based on their feedback and re-submit for further evaluation.

Automated Writing Evaluation fits perfectly into the busy ESL teacher’s blended learning classroom. The automated feedback saves time for teachers while still allowing them to control the learning process and provide personalized feedback on each writing assignment. This feature integrates seamlessly into English Discoveries lesson content as well as the Teacher Management System.