Teacher Management System

A dynamic system that enables teachers to stay involved in each student’s progress every step of the way, informing teacher instruction and guiding differentiated learning.

English Discoveries’ Teacher Management System provides user friendly, automated monitoring and management tools for all your classes. These sophisticated tools support students individually as well as classes where students have mixed learning abilities. Teachers can reduce the time typically spent managing curriculum software with features like concurrent licenses, an unlimited student database, automated writing evaluation, test scoring, calculation of grades and generation of real time reports. This allows more time devoted to students’ English language learning needs and provides decision-makers with the data needed to be informed about their English learning programs.

  • Easy-to-use student registration process
  • Comprehensive reporting systemTMS
  • Customizable learning paths for each student
  • Internet/Intranet-based communication system between teachers and students
  • Customization tools for community features
  • Authoring Tool for teachers to upload new content
  • Range of settings to personalize each institution