Your Best Value

Concurrent Use Licenses plus an Unlimited Student Database

English Discoveries offers the best value for your budget dollar with our exclusive concurrent license pricing structure which includes an unlimited student database.

This cost effective configuration allows a single software seat to be used by multiple students throughout the program day.

Let’s look at a site that purchases 100 language learning software licenses. With assigned licenses, 100 licenses are assigned to 100 individual students; no other students are able to use the software. But with 100 concurrent licenses, all of your ESL teachers can register all their students to use the program. This gives 100 students in the morning class access to the software plus 100 students in the afternoon classes and 100 students attending the evening program!

And unlimited student database entries means all of your students can have access to the program plus less of the instructional day is spent on software management duties –  and teachers have more time to teach.

Together, we can look at the structure and number of your classes, along with your student enrollment to determine the right number of concurrent licenses to make sure all of your students have access English Discoveries.